Recording Pro Bono Hours

Recording Pro Bono Hours

  1. Login to Symplicity
  2. Go to the Pro Bono and Community Service Tab
  3. Hit Add New if it is your first time logging hours for the semester or with the particular organization; if not, skip to 4.
    To enter an event for the first time in a semester, you have hit “ADD NEW”
    • Fill in the Organization information
      • If it is not currently in Symplicity, enter the information in the new section and email us.
    • Add in the information to the best of your ability, including the job description and supervisor contact information
    • Be sure to certify the contact information.

 If you are uncertain whether your particular volunteer work qualifies, please email us for clarification.

  1. Hit Track Hours

Under the name of the organization, hit track hours

  • Fill in the information with the time, date and duties.

After this you can track the semester hours in the organization.