Academics & Skills Training

A Learning Environment

Here you’ll study with many of the nation’s most influential scholars and teachers, from constitutional historians to legal futurists. Your coursework will range from classical legal studies in contracts and civil procedure to specialized seminars in legal analytics and blockchain law, all of it carefully geared to the demands of modern legal practice.  You’ll stay ahead of market trends through new course work in compliance law, legal technology and more. 

Skills training, a critical component of your legal education, comprises a large portion of Chicago-Kent’s curriculum. Many of our students hone their skills through our award-winning trial and appellate advocacy programs or through our in-house, fee-generating law firm.  

Students with STEM interests often work in our Law Lab, the world’s premiere center on legal innovation and technology, or in our Chicago-Kent Patent Hub, where licensed patent attorneys provide pro bono legal assistance to under-resourced inventors.  You can leverage our extensive externship and pro bono programs, tapping into practice opportunities at courts, businesses, government agencies and public interest entities throughout Chicago’s vast legal community. 

Faculty Spotlight

Professor Daniel Martin Katz

Professor Daniel Martin Katz is a legal futurist who is developing innovative new business models to transform the practice of law. Professor Katz—who teaches Civil Procedure, E-Discovery, and Entrepreneurial Lawyering—applies a polytechnic approach to legal education, seeking to arm the next generation of lawyers with science and technology skills.

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Perspectives on Trial Ad

Perspectives on Trial Ad

Chicago-Kent's Trial Advocacy Program is consistently ranked as one of the best in the country.