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A Learning Environment

Legal education at IIT Chicago-Kent is scholarly yet pragmatic, broad-based yet personalized, demanding yet anything but rigid. There's an energy to the law school that derives partly from our proximity to Chicago's fast-paced legal community and partly from the caliber of the people here and their passion for their work.

Faculty scholarship fuels our academic enterprise and brings a constant supply of fresh ideas to the classroom. Classes here are challenging and intensely engaging. Our low student-faculty ratio promotes day-to-day engagement with some of the most influential scholars and teachers in the nation.

Our goal is to provide you with a solid grounding in classical legal studies along with the professional skills required to put that knowledge to use. To that end, we place a premium on skills training in a variety of ways: through our formidable legal writingtrial advocacy and appellate advocacy programs, through practicum courses in specialized areas of study, and through practical exercises integrated into many doctrinal classes.

You'll also learn the practical side of being a lawyer by working on real cases through externships, through our clinical programs in the Chicago-Kent Law Offices, and via any number of pro bono opportunities you'll find through our Public Interest Resource Center.

This is a place where rigorous academics, superior skills training and close interaction with faculty produce a distinctive, personalized approach to your professional education.

Faculty Spotlight

Professor Daniel Martin Katz

Professor Daniel Martin Katz is a legal futurist who is developing innovative new business models to transform the practice of law. Professor Katz—who teaches Civil Procedure, E-Discovery, and Entrepreneurial Lawyering—applies a polytechnic approach to legal education, seeking to arm the next generation of lawyers with science and technology skills.

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Perspectives on Trial Ad

Perspectives on Trial Ad

Chicago-Kent's Trial Advocacy Program is consistently ranked as one of the best in the country.