Praxis Program

"Praxis" is the process by which a theory, lesson or skill is enacted, practiced, embodied or realized. "Praxis" may also refer to the act of engaging, applying, exercising, realizing or practicing ideas.

Real-world Chicago-Kent program wins award, Chicago Daily Law Bulletin articleThe Praxis Program is designed for students who are interested in fully embracing a practice- or experience-based course of study. IIT Chicago-Kent has always prided itself on providing a wide variety of hands-on learning options. The Praxis Program capitalizes on these robust skills offerings to guide participants through an individualized course of study designed to provide exposure to the core competencies required of successful lawyers.

With this program, the law school responds to calls from the legal community for new graduates who are thoroughly trained in both the skills and the art of legal practice. Participants will learn to think and talk about their education in new ways, explore issues of law practice management, and learn how to build and market their own portfolios.

Students who enroll in the program and complete all the program requirements will earn the Praxis certificate upon graduation. Students enrolled in the Praxis Program may concurrently enroll in an additional, subject-matter certificate program offered by Chicago-Kent.

In June 2015, Chicago-Kent received the Illinois State Bar Association's first Excellence in Legal Education Award for the Praxis program. Chicago-Kent was the first recipient of the award, created by the organization's Committee on Legal Education, Admissions and Competence, to honor a law school program that emphasizes "real-world skills" for its students.