J.D. Certificate Program in Workplace Litigation and Alternative Dispute Resolution

For years, Chicago-Kent students who were interested in both the Litigation and Alternative Dispute Resolution Certificate Program (LADR) and the Labor and Employment Law Certificate Program had to choose between the two. Now, students can elect a joint program that will yield a joint certificate, allowing students to market themselves to potential employers as well-versed in the highly complementary areas of litigation, ADR, and labor and employment law.

While students may continue to enroll in the program that they prefer, they can attain the joint certificate with the following course sequence.

Required Courses

  • Labor Law (4 credits)
  • Employment Relationships (3 credits)
  • Evidence (3 credits)
  • Legal Writing IV for Labor and Employment Law (3 credits)
  • One seminar in a Labor and Employment Law related topic (2 credits)
  • Either Pretrial Litigation or Employment Litigation (3 credits)
  • Mediation & ADR Clinic or the ADR in the Workplace intensive intersession course (2 to 4 credits)

Plus Two of the Following Courses

How To Apply

Below you will find a link to submit your application for this program as well as a memo outlining the program curriculum.  To apply for the program, you will need to prepare a personal statement.  You will be asked to upload this document in the application form link below. 

Please prepare and submit a personal statement limited to two typewritten, double-spaced, 8 x 11 pages.  Your personal statement may include information regarding the following questions:

  1. Why do you want to be admitted to the Program?
  2. What are your career goals?
  3. How will the program help you achieve those goals?

(To open the file so you can fill in the fields, open the above link and select "open with a different viewer" and choose Adobe Acrobat)