Legal Research & Writing Program

IIT Chicago-Kent College of Law recognizes that legal writing, analysis and research are the most critical lawyering skills taught in the law school curriculum and that these skills cannot be taught in a single year. Consequently, the school requires that its students take five semesters of legal writing classes before they graduate. Chicago-Kent was the first law school in the United States with a three-year writing requirement.

Chicago-Kent's curriculum has served as a model for numerous other institutions. The emphasis on legal research and writing reflects the law school's commitment to training its graduates to be leaders in the profession by giving them the skills they will need to analyze and solve complex problems. The program recognizes that Chicago-Kent graduates will serve a wide variety of clients, in a wide variety of roles, all of which require effective analytical, research and communications skills.

Professors Kari Aamot Johnson and Douglas Godfrey discuss Chicago-Kent's first-year legal writing curriculum: