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"C-K Law Group: The Law Offices of Chicago-Kent" is Chicago-Kent's unique in-house legal clinic. Known since the early 1980s simply as The Law Offices of Chicago-Kent, our clinic was a pioneer in clinical legal education decades ago when it adopted a fee-generating model designed to replicate the experience of employment at a private law firm. That model, coupled with Chicago-Kent's large and dynamic legal externship program, made Chicago-Kent a one-of-a-kind in-house legal clinic.

Today, C-K Law Group is a giant among the nation's law school legal clinics. One of the nation's very largest, our clinic boasts 14 full-time, in-house practicing attorneys, 3 off-site adjunct attorneys, and—through Chicago-Kent's externship program—opportunities for our students to work with scores of practitioner-mentors, including judges, governmental agency attorneys, and private practitioners.  Our 14 in-house practicing attorneys, however, are not just ANY attorneys—they rank among the top practitioners nationally in the fields of criminal defense, employment law, civil litigation, tax, domestic relations, vaccine injury, and entrepreneurship law, and boast a record of success for our clients that rivals that of Chicago's premier law firms.

Our clinic takes the concept of experiential learning-by-doing in a law school setting to an entirely new level. Consistent with the long-overdue trend within American law schools to provide students a more practice-based legal education, C-K Law Group introduces students to the experience of working on sophisticated litigation and transactional matters while exposing students to real-world experience within a superb "teaching law firm," allowing them to begin their experiential legal careers learning from highly experienced, competent and ethical practitioners, all the while enhancing their own resumes in preparation for their pursuit of post-graduation success. In addition, our robust externship program provides our students with a multitude of options, including externships with judges, governmental agencies, and prestigious private law firms

Spend some time reviewing the listing of our clinical offerings and the exciting possibilities available to you within C-K Law Group: The Law Offices of Chicago-Kent College of Law!

Spring 2020 Semester

Applications for the Spring 2020 semester will be available in mid-October. 

Clinical Practice Areas 

Criminal Defense Litigation

Provide criminal defense representation for all types of felonies and misdemeanors in trial and appellate courts at the state and federal levels.

Civil Litigation Clinic

This clinic concentrates in the areas of labor and employment law and medical malpractice and nursing home cases. Provides representation to both employers and employees in all aspects of labor and employment law, including wage-hour disputes, employment discrimination, wrongful discharge and whistleblower cases, and traditional labor law.

Plaintiffs Employment Clinic

Representation of employees in discrimination and wrongful discharge cases in the federal and state courts in the areas of gender and age discrimination, sexual harassment, disability discrimination in the workplace, and equal pay issues.

Entrepreneurial Law

Address issues that frequently arise for start-up companies, including but not limited to choice of entity, entity formation, contract review and drafting, corporate governance issues, review of leases, trademark searches and filing, and other transactional matters.

Family Law

Represent clients with divorce and domestic relations disputes in negotiations and in court.

Vaccine Injury Litigation Clinic

Vaccine injury practice is a fascinating and challenging area of federal litigation involving complex medical causation issues, scientific research (typically in areas such as immunology, neurology, and genetics), medical experts, and, often-times, detailed damages calculations.

Immigration Law

Students will learn about U.S. immigration law and practice, with a particular focus on family-based immigration and removal defense.

Intellectual Property Law

Work with patent attorneys from the law firm of K&L Gates LLP to research and write patentability opinions, perform clearance searches, and guide clients through intellectual property issues.  (Offered in the fall and spring semesters).

Mediation and Alternative Dispute Resolution

Practice alternative dispute resolution techniques involving juvenile court matters, criminal misdemeanors, employment discrimination cases, landlord-tenant disputes and small claims.

Open Government/Government Watchdog Law (Center for Open Government)

Focus on cases challenging closed government processes, interview and counsel clients, conduct factual investigations and legal research, develop case strategies, collect and analyze documents, and assist with litigation.  (Offered in the fall and spring semesters).

Tax Law

Students who intern in the Tax Clinic help represent middle-income individual and small-business taxpayers before the Internal Revenue Service, Illinois Department of Revenue, U.S. Tax Court and U.S. District Court. Specific tasks include interviewing and counseling clients, conducting factual investigations and legal research, developing case strategies, preparing tax returns, and assisting with litigation. Students also may become involved with community outreach, pro bono, and marketing activities of the clinic.

New Program:  Intensive Clinic

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