Civil Litigation Clinic

The Civil Litigation Clinic concentrates in the areas of labor and employment law and medical malpractice and nursing home cases.  Professor Laurie Leader represents both employers and employees in all aspects of labor and employment law, including wage-hour disputes, employment discrimination, wrongful discharge and whistleblower cases, and traditional labor law.  This clinic involves practice in federal and state courts, before the EEOC, the Department of Labor and other administrative agencies as well as some alternative dispute resolution (arbitrations and mediations).
There is also a transactional dimension to this clinic in counseling employers on disciplinary matters, drafting employment policies and handbooks and in negotiating and drafting employment and termination agreements for employers as well as employees. Nursing home and medical malpractice litigation -- the second focus area of this clinic -- is one of the fastest-growing areas of civil litigation, and presents an interesting platform for students to learn how to integrate medical expert and lay testimony and proofs in a jury context. 
Students will work individually and in groups in preparing clients and witnesses, attending depositions, researching procedural and substantive issues, drafting pleadings, discovery, motions and briefs and in deciding optimal litigation and trial strategies and tactics.


Professor Laurie Leader