Family Law Clinic

The Family Law Clinic represents parents and children in domestic relations matters ranging from pre- and post-nuptial agreements; legal separation; divorce; allocation of parenting time and responsibilities; child support; spousal support; and post-decree enforcement, from inception through settlement or trial.  The Clinic operates on a sliding-scale fee basis, taking into the account the financial circumstances of the parties.  The Clinic engages in mediation, litigation, collaborative law, and arbitration. 

Students enrolled in the Family Law Clinic will have the opportunity to engage in all aspects of the case, including client interviews; discovery; preparation of motions, pleadings and correspondence; pretrial conferences; depositions; and preparation for settlement or trial.  The goal is to provide students with a basic comfort level in family law practice, as well as a firm understanding of the unique practical and ethical considerations in these sensitive cases.  Students may also assist in home visits or other tasks related to the representation of children in custody disputes and in the preparation of subsequent reports.  In certain circumstances, students may be called as witnesses during trial to provide evidence of their observations. Because domestic relations cases touch on many other substantive areas, students will be exposed to civil procedure, tax, bankruptcy, corporate, real estate, and contract law in the course of their clinic casework. 

The Family Law Clinic provides an invaluable opportunity to learn more about this important area of practice.