Intensive Clinic

Intensive Clinic is a 12-credit, one-semester course in which students receive an enhanced, closely supervised and graded clinical experience and, in addition, satisfy their senior seminar paper requirement. Intensive Clinic has the potential to be the optimal means for law students to transition from law school to the practice of law in that it provides a natural progression from theory (doctrinal classes) to simulations to clinic to Intensive Clinic, where students engage in sophisticated lawyering activities on a full-time basis for an entire semester with a safety net in place. The program will be available for a select number of senior law students who have taken at least one semester of the clinic to which they apply. Each student enrolled in Intensive Clinic will receive 10 graded, clinical education credits and a separate grade worth two credits for writing a paper that will satisfy the senior seminar paper requirement under the close supervision of the clinical faculty member who selected the student.

Intensive students will put in an average of 32 hours per week for 14 weeks.  This is a total of 448 hours over the course of the semester.   This does not include time put in on the seminar paper.

Areas of Law

Plaintiffs Employment Law, Civil Litigation, Federal Health Litigation, Criminal Law, Family Law, Immigration Law and Tax Law.

To Apply

Students will apply to Intensive Clinic via a written submission detailing their qualifications and their reasons for seeking admission. This submission will be the basis for discussion during a subsequent individual interview with each applicant. Please direct all written submissions and questions to Tracy Kish at