C-K Law Group Application

Summer and Fall 2021

While the deadline for the summer semester has passed, you can still apply and get a spot on the waiting list.   The fall application due date has not yet been set. 

C-K Law Group Application - Summer 2021

C-K Law Group Application - Fall 2021

Special Instructions

MEDIATION/ADR CLINIC:   Students must attend four days of mediation training via Zoom (at least for the summer semester) between the hours of 8:30 a.m. to approx. 5:30 p.m. The four days of training in the Summer semester will be: Wednesday May 26, Thursday May 27, Wednesday June 2, and Thursday June 3, 2021. The four days of training in the Fall semester will be: Saturday August 28, Sunday August 29, Saturday September 11, and Sunday September 12, 2021.  Attendance at all four days of training is mandatory to participate in this clinic. These dates are subject to modification and all enrolled students will be informed immediately if there is any change in the schedule. There is an extra fee of $800 for this training and certification.  If you have specific questions, please email Professor Pam Kentra (pkentra@kentlaw.iit.edu). 

Mediation clinic important Scheduling Note: Please keep at least two (three in the summer) of the following time slots open in your schedule so you can schedule mediation sessions in the zoom court calls:

  • Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 9:00 am.--noon
  • Fridays 8:30 a.m.--noon
  • Monday, Tuesday and Thursday afternoons 1:00-4:00 pm

Also, some court referred cases are scheduled from time to time during the following time slots. If you can keep one of these slots open each week that would be ideal (but not required.) 

  • Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings from 9:00 am - 1:30 pm
  • Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday afternoons from 12:30--5:00 pm

Please be aware that the court schedules may change due to COVID restrictions. 

CRIMINAL CLINIC  To get the optimal experience from the Criminal Clinic, it would be best to be available at least two mornings each week to observe or attend court with your supervising attorney.  In addition, if you have in the past worked or expect to concurrently work in the criminal defense or prosecution area, there may be a conflict and this experience should be divulged to Tracy Kish (tkish@kentlaw.iit.edu) before the applications are due.


The hours that you will put in for the Entrepreneurial Law Clinic will be performed during the regular business day (M-F 9 - 5 pm).  A lot of the work involves client meetings, calls, and close work with your professor and your clinic partner.  Therefore, Professor Harper cannot give you independent projects to work on during the evenings and on weekends.


See the Website for a description of clinical programs: www.kentlaw.iit.edu/academics/jd-program/practical-skills-training/legal-clinics