Mediation and Alternative Dispute Resolution Clinic

Mediation and Alternative Dispute Resolution Clinic

Did you know that over 95% of cases are settled before going to trial?  Strong negotiation skills are an essential skill for every lawyer.  The Mediation/ADR clinic is a great way to learn how to settle cases and gain a valuable certification in mediation skills.

Students in the clinic attend an intensive mediation skills training with the highly regarded Center for Conflict Resolution.  There they learn in an interactive setting how to master and apply mediation skills.  Once students are certified as mediators they begin mediating real cases at the Daley Center and various suburban courtrooms.  These cases are referred directly from the judge’s call that day and often include contract, tort and landlord-tenant disputes.  Students routinely interact with judges, attorneys and the parties involved in the litigation.  This real world experience allows students to have a direct impact on the cases and lives of real clients.  Many students go on to use this experience in their legal practice, whether they are continuing to mediate cases or representing clients in mediation or negotiating strong settlements for their clients. 

Students also have the opportunity to assist Professor Pam Kentra with her arbitration practice by observing arbitration hearings or helping to draft arbitration opinions.  Arbitrations are conducted at the Cook County Mandatory Arbitration Center, the Better Business Bureau and the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, “FINRA.” 

The Mediation/ADR clinic has been training students and producing outstanding mediators for over 25 years and has settled countless cases and helped thousands of people find a way out of conflict.