Plaintiffs Employment Law

Plaintiffs Employment Law

Plaintiff's Employment Law has been a mainstay of C-K Law Group's clinical offerings for 35 years. Led by Professor Richard Gonzalez, hundreds of Chicago-Kent students have spent a semester or more working on workplace discrimination and wrongful discharge suits including sexual, racial, and ethnic harassment; equal pay, disability rights; whistleblowing; workplace defamation and the full array of employment law.

Not only has the Plaintiff's Employment Law section recovered millions of dollars in compensation for victims of workplace illegality over the years, it has prepared Chicago-Kent students for careers within this exciting and growing field of law and, working hand-in-hand with Chicago-Kent's LADR, Labor & Employment Law and Workplace LADR certificate programs, has facilitated the recruitment and hire of our students by labor and employment firms and government agencies across the country as Chicago-Kent continues to develop an alumni network of labor and employment attorneys.

Students who experience this section will be provided atypical amounts of client contact and will work with supervising attorney Gonzalez on severance agreements, pleadings, discovery, depositions, and trial preparation of meritorious employment claims.

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Professor Richard Gonzalez