Reciprocity is an agreement between law schools to provide reasonable access to resources, current job postings and handout materials for a limited number of students/graduates of another law school seeking employment in another geographic region. See the National Association for Law Placement's website for details regarding individual law school's reciprocity policies. Chicago-Kent students seeking reciprocity at another law school may complete a reciprocity request form. Students from other law schools may request reciprocity with Chicago-Kent according to the following policy:

Career Services Reciprocity Policy

The Career Services Office of Chicago-Kent College of Law, Illinois Institute of Technology, provides reasonable access to its resources for a limited number of students and graduates of law schools outside the Chicago area under the conditions set forth below:

  1. Services are available only to those ABA-accredited law schools that allow Chicago-Kent students and/or alumni use of their facilities.
  2. All requests for reciprocity must be made via email ( by the student's/graduate's career services office and confirmed by the Chicago-Kent Career Services Office at least one week in advance of the intended visit. No walk-in requests will be honored.
  3. Requests for reciprocity can be made to only one Chicago-area school per student/graduate. Reciprocity is not available among Chicago area schools (DePaul, John Marshall, Loyola, Northwestern, and University of Chicago).
  4. Reciprocity is valid for three-months from the date of the letter granting reciprocal services. Between August 1 and October 15 of each year, no in-office services will be available. Online job postings will be available during that time period.
  5. Chicago-Kent will deny reciprocity to any school surpassing three requests within a given calendar year.
  6. Without exception, reciprocity recipients will not be permitted to schedule on-campus interviews.
  7. The following services are available:
    • On-line job posting access for up to 90 days
    • Current position vacancy announcements except "blind listings" requiring mailing
    • Access to computers and laser printers (paper not provided)
    • Resource library publications and directories
    • Handout materials
    • Copy services for a per copy fee
  8. Chicago-Kent reserves the right to terminate reciprocity for any individual who misuses the facilities or services.
  9. Requests for reciprocity should be directed to the Office of Career Services, or Chicago-Kent College of Law, 565 W Adams, Suite 360, Chicago, IL 60661.

Updated April 18, 2016