International and Comparative Antitrust

During the last few years, the role of law in protecting economic competition from restraints ("antitrust law" or "competition law") has become an increasingly important factor in international business and in legal practice relating to international business. It is likely to become even more important as the globalization of economic activity advances. This course is designed to introduce students to this area of law and to the basic tools they will need to understand and provide legal services in it. We will examine U.S. antitrust law as it relates to transactional conduct. We will then look at antitrust law in Europe and, in a superficial way, other parts of the world. The final section of the course will deal with recent developments in international antitrust cooperation and with moves toward the development of a transnational antitrust regime. 
(added 5/03)

Course Information
Course #: LAW 619
Program: JD
Course Type: JD Seminar
Area of Study: Business and Corporate Law, International and Comparative Law
Credit Hours: Two credit hours.