Clinical Program Credits and Enrollment

For most of Chicago-Kent's in-house clinical programs, students are given the option of enrolling for three or four credits. Students who enroll for four credits put in an average of 16 hours per week and students who enroll for three credits put in a an average of 12 hours per week during the 14 week fall and spring semesters.

During the summer semester, students who enroll for three credits put in an average of 24 hours per week and an average of 32 hours per week for four credits.

In the Intellectual Property Clinic, students enroll for three credits.

Each of the in-house clinical programs provides classroom as well as field-work instruction to the students enrolled in that program as part of their weekly hourly requirement. With permission, students may enroll for a second semester in each of the in-house programs with the exception of the Mediation and Alternative Dispute Resolution Clinic.