Student Organizations

You may fear, as many first-year law students do, that getting too involved, too early, will distract you from your first-year studies. You may fear that your grade point average will be jeopardized. While these are legitimate concerns, you will find that involvement in law school activities can open the door to very beneficial opportunities such as academic support, career planning, resume building, and networking with practicing attorneys. Furthermore, the practice of law involves a certain willingness to serve the community by volunteering time and skills, and service organizations within the school encourage community involvement. Undoubtedly, you were involved in extracurricular activities in your undergraduate career and understand the balance that must be maintained between meetings and classes.

If you decide not to participate in student organizations during the first year, you will still have time to get involved as an upper-level student.

Student Government

The Student Bar Association (SBA)

The Student Bar Association, the law school's student government, was organized in 1942 and is affiliated with the Illinois Law Student Association, the American Bar Association, the Illinois State Bar Association, and the Chicago-Bar Association. All students are members of the SBA, as dues-paying members through the Student Activity Fee. The association engages in various activities at the law school and acts as liaison between students and the faculty and administration. It appoints a member to participate in and vote at faculty meetings, sponsors speakers, programs, and social events. Officers and student representatives of the SBA are elected each year from the student body. The SBA is the umbrella organization for all other student organizations and provides funding to those organizations.

Other Student Organizations

Many student organizations have websites. Find more information and a complete list of student organizations here.