Bar Exam Preparation

There are many factors that influence success on the bar exam. Taking a bar preparation course is a critical step in passing the bar. Commercial bar preparation courses specialize in helping you review subjects you have already taken in law school and to learn bar subjects you may not have taken. The courses will provide you with materials and a study plan to help prepare for the exam. General information on the bar exam can be found here.

It is a good idea to hold off on travel plans until after the bar exam as bar prep courses generally start right after graduation. The courses vary in price, scope, and format. Thoroughly investigate the scope and quality of materials, course success rate, and course schedule before selecting a commercial preparation course that best suits your own learning needs.

Bar Preparation Courses

The links below to various bar prep courses are provided to students as a convenience only. This is not a comprehensive list. These sites contain a summary of bar information from all jurisdictions. Providing this information does not constitute an endorsement by Chicago-Kent of any programs or products.

  • Adaptibar - MBE only with online tool to analyze performance
  • AmeriBar Bar Review - Covers essays and MBE with audio and video lectures
  • Bar/Bri - Live lectures, in-class sessions in major cities, covers MBE and essays (the Chicago in-class sessions take place at Chicago-Kent)
  • BarMax: Online Bar prep information available on the Iphone and Ipad
  • Kaplan PMBR - Both comprehensive and MBE-only courses
  • Law Preps LLC - MBE, individual tutoring and group workshops available
  • LLM BAR EXAM - is the first and only live review course, designed specifically for LLM Students, to prepare for The New York State Bar Examination.
  • Reed Bar Prep - Seminars, videos, audio courses, or private tutoring.
  • Themis - Comprehensive online bar review with outlines, video lectures, practice questions, and assessment quizzes

A list of additional bar review courses can be found here.

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Paying for Bar Preparation Courses

Some larger firms will pay for bar prep courses and materials, but not all firms do. Visit the NALP Directory for more information. Generally public employers, such as judges, government agencies, and non-profits, do not pay for the bar or bar review courses. Some bar prep organizations offer a cheaper rate for students when they register in their first-year. Private loans are available for bar study expenses.

Chicago-Kent Bar Prep Website

Current students can check out the Chicago-Kent Bar Prep website to find:

  • resources for applying to and preparing for the bar exam
  • information about upcoming bar prep programming
  • advice for 1Ls and 2Ls on how to improve their "bar readiness" before the final year of law school
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