3L Policies and Procedures

Federal Loan Enrollment Eligibility

In order to receive federal financial aid at Chicago-Kent College of Law you must meet certain enrollment criteria. Students that do not meet these criteria may not be eligible for federal financial aid. The enrollment criteria are as follows:

  • Be enrolled at least half-time in courses that are applicable toward the 87 credit hours required of your program for graduation.  Any credits taken above the 87 credits required for graduation may not be eligible for federal  financial aid.
  • At least half-time enrollment is considered to be 6 credit hours for Fall and Spring semesters and 3 credit hours for the Summer term.
  • If you plan to take between 6 and 11 credits during your last year, please send your Fall and Spring enrollment intentions to our office via email. This will prevent delays of your disbursements and refunds. Once we receive your enrollment intentions, we will customize your cost of attendance budget to reflect your projected enrollment. It is best to let us know your enrollment intentions at least 3 weeks before classes start to ensure your financial aid is not delayed.

*We understand that you may be close to graduation and not need as many credits as in past semesters. However, you must still demonstrate at least half-time enrollment to maintain your federal financial aid eligibility. If you do not meet the enrollment criteria, you may contact the Student Accounting Office to make payment arrangements or you may consider applying for a private educational loan (tuition only).

Chicago-Kent Scholarship Eligibility 

If you are in your last year and are taking less than 12 credits per semester, no action is required of you to receive your scholarship. Your scholarship will be posted to your student account, but cannot exceed your tuition.