1L Your Way

The 1L Your Way program allows first-year full-time students to choose an elective class or First Year Clinic, in place of Legislation, in the Spring semester if they wish. If you will be selecting this option please send your enrollment intentions to the Office of Financial Aid by email. If you have already borrowed up to the Cost of Attendance, your financial aid may need to be adjusted and/or may not be disbursed to your student account until your enrollment intentions are received by our office.

The standard Cost of Attendance budget is based on 14 credits in the spring semester, if you will be taking less than this amount of credits in the spring semester your financial aid may need to be reduced.

Your financial aid disbursement may be delayed if you are registered in less than 14 credits for the spring semester and do not contact our office with your enrollment intentions.

See the Refund Calculation Worksheet to determine your semester refund.