Federal Loan Program Required Documents For Disbursement

General Terms & Conditions

1. Master Promissory Note (MPN)

Federal Direct Stafford and Plus Loan

New and first time borrowers must complete the MPN. This is a one time requirement. Complete the MPN for the corresponding loans that you accepted on your myIIT portal financial aid award (The Stafford Loan and Plus Loan have separate MPN's). You must sign the MPN electronically in order to complete the process.

  • You must submit a separate signed MPN for the Stafford and Plus Loan to the Department of Education in order to receive the Federal Loans funds.

  • Please allow at least 1 week for the requirement to clear on your myIIT portal. Also, the requirement will not clear if you have not accepted your loan. Once your loan is accepted and you have a completed Master Promissory Note on file, your myIIT portal will clear the requirement in a few days.

  • Please be aware that the Federal Direct PLUS Loan requires credit approval before the funds can be disbursed to the school. The Department of Education will run your credit after you accept your Plus loan via the myIIT portal.

  • There is no Direct Plus Loan Online Application Request to complete. That function has been turned off for Chicago-Kent. The Master Promissory Note is the official legal agreement between you and Direct Loan to promise to repay the loans you borrow.

Stafford Loan Terms & Conditions 
Plus Loan Terms & Conditions

Click here to complete the MPN for Federal Direct Stafford and Plus Loan

Plus Loan Credit Information

Continuing Students

  • Students that have borrowed the Direct Stafford Loan or a Direct Plus Loan in past academic years at the IIT Downtown Campus, are not required to complete a new MPN.
  • Direct Loans will run a new credit check for your Plus Loan each academic year to make sure you still qualify. If you are approved you do not need to do anything else.
  • Students that were denied and then reapplied with an endorser or appealed the credit decision the previous academic year need will need to complete a new Master Promissory Note and the new Plus Loan Counseling requirement with Direct Loans online. See below for more details:

Plus Loan Denial: New and Continuing Students

  • If your credit is not approved, your options are to add an endorser to the loan or appeal the credit decision (if no other extenuating circumstances exist) to Direct Loans.

  • If you wish to add an endorser, your endorser must first apply for an FSA ID on the Direct Loan website to sign in and begin the application process. Then select "Complete Endorser Addenda" in the left hand menu "My Loan Documents" section. To submit a paper copy you can choose the "Print Endorser Addendum" from the "PLUS Loan Process" menu on the left hand side, this option can take longer to process.

  • You must complete a new Federal Plus Loan Master Promissory Note (MPN) after you are approved for the loan, before the funds can be disbursed to your student account. To complete a new Master Promissory Note select "Complete MPN" from the "Master Promissory Note" menu.

  • You must complete the new Plus Loan Counseling requirement online with Direct Loans if you are approved with an endorser or an appeal. 
  • You will need your loan reference number that starts with your social security number followed by the loan ID number: P16E0183300 for the 15-16 academic year, or P17E0183300 for the 16-17 academic year and the number of your Plus Loan request. For example, if this is your first Plus Loan request, your loan reference number will end in the number 1, and so on for any future loans within the same academic year. If you have any questions about your loan status or need assistance applying with an endorser or appealing the credit decision, please contact the Direct Loan Origination Center at 1-800-557-7394.
  • Please allow at least 1 week for these requirements to clear on the myIIT portal. Please be aware that your loan disbursements will not credit to your account until you take action.

2. Federal Loan Entrance Counseling

New and first time borrowers must complete Loan Entrance Counseling. This is a one time requirement.

  • Must complete the combined Federal Stafford Loan and Federal Plus Loan counseling.

  • Must be completed before the funds are released to the student.

  • Please allow at least 1 week for the requirement to clear on the myIIT portal.

  • Please note that the Financial Awareness Counseling (FAC) is different from Federal Loan Entrance Counseling. FAC provides tools and information to help students understand their financial aid and assist them in covering the basics of financial literacy. However, FAC counseling session will not satisfy the "Loan Entrance Counseling" requirement for your federal loans at Illinois Institute of Technology–Downtown Campus.

Click here to complete Federal Loan Entrance Counseling

3. Plus Loan Counseling (Complete ONLY if approved with endorser or an appeal)


4. Federal Loan Exit Counseling - 

Graduating/Withdrawn/Less than half-time Students

Click here to complete Federal Loan Exit Counseling 

A student in a graduating/withdraw/less than half time status is considered to be in their 6 month grace period for Federal Loans obtained at the IIT Downtown Campus, Chicago-Kent College of Law, as of the new status date. After the 6 month grace period the repayment period will begin. To view your loan servicers and loan history log into the National Student Loan Database System using your FSA ID to log in.

  • Even if a student plans on re-enrolling in the future at Chicago-Kent or another school this requirement is still mandatory.
  • It counsels the student on their rights and responsibilities of repaying their loan debt.

For graduating students the loan exit counseling is conducted as a two-step process. The first is an in person group workshop and second is the online requirement completed at studentloans.gov Students are provided a copy of their loan portfolio at the group session along with additional resources in the form of a letter with instructions on how to complete the second step online and several loan repayment guides and brochures. Students are advised to complete the online session after the group session, and they are also given the opportunity to schedule a one-on-one counseling appointment to discuss their loan portfolio.

In cases of withdrawals students are notified with a withdrawal letter sent by certified mail and an email notification.

All students receive notification regarding the Exit Counseling requirement via a Missing Information Email Notice sent out every 1st of the month, and it will be visible on the "Required Documents" section of the myIIT portal.

Please note, the Perkins Loan Exit Counseling is a separate requirement and the Student Accounting Office is responsible to notify students of this requirement.