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Room Reservation Policies & Online Request Form

Thank you for submitting your room reservation request. We will get back in touch with you as soon as possible.

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Room Reservation Policies


  • GENERAL INFORMATION: This form must be submitted for each event for up to two separate event dates.

    If you would like to make a "standing reservation" for an entire semester, please send an email request to RoomRequests@kentlaw.iit.edu for consideration. Please note that not all requests can or will be accomodated.

    All rooms are reserved on a first-come, first-serve basis by completing the form below.

    An email confirmation from the Office of Administration and Finance will be sent to you within one business day from receipt of the properly completed form.

  • EVENTS / LECTURES: When a major faculty- or administration-sponsored lecture or event has already been scheduled, no other activities may be scheduled on that date. Please check the online calendar before submitting your request to see what else is scheduled.

  • CO-SPONSORED EVENTS: If the reservation request is for a co-sponsored event with, or to host an event for, an outside/non-IIT university department, please contact Ariana Monroe in the Office of Administration and Finance via email at amonroe3@kentlaw.iit.edu before completing this form.

  • SPEAKERS BY STUDENT GROUPS: Student groups considering inviting a speaker must check with the Office of Administration and Finance in room 265 BEFORE extending the invitation to ensure there will be no conflict with other groups or faculty/administration events. A temporary hold will be put on the space, if available, and you will be advised. Once you have confirmed the date, complete the online form below to make a permanent reservation. If the above procedure is not followed and an event conflict results, YOUR SPEAKER WILL NOT BE ACCOMMODATED.

  • STUDENT GROUP EVENTS WITH FOOD/BEVERAGES: For student group events where food/beverages will be served in any classroom, it is the responsibility of the requestor of the room reservation to make sure that all leftover food, beverages and/or containers and all trash are immediately removed from the room at the conclusion of the event. Attendees should be instructed to place their trash in the appropriate receptacles and leave nothing on the tables or floor.

  • REQUESTS TO SERVE ALCOHOL: If you plan to serve alcohol at a function, you must submit a hardcopy of the "Request To Serve Alcohol" form to the Office of Administration and Finance in room 265 a minimum of two weeks in advance of the event. The form must be signed by a full-time faculty or staff member of your respective school. You will not be permitted to serve alcohol at your event unless the form is submitted and approved.

Request for Use of Space

Submission of this form indicates your acceptance of the policies above.

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Use this space to provide other information , e.g., room preferences, reservation requirements, setup time and details, etc.