Institutes & Centers

Cultivating Unique Academic Communities

Chicago-Kent College of Law is home to several institutes and centers with missions that range from conducting scholarly and practical research on legal and social issues to providing topical programming for the legal community to developing public interest initiatives. Students who become involved in these activities, many of which involve cross-disciplinary projects, learn to appreciate and adapt to major social and global influences that can change the legal profession and its practice.

Learn more about each of these institutes and centers:

Center for Access to Justice & Technology 

Created to make justice more accessible to the public by promoting the use of the Internet in the teaching and practice of law.

Center for Design, Law & Technology

The Center for Design, Law & Technology (cDELTA or c∆) promotes research, scholarship and instruction at the intersection of creativity, technology, design, and the law. Founded in 2018, c∆ is the first U.S. institution devoted to research of design, design law protection and technology.

Center for Empirical Studies of Intellectual Property 

Promotes the application of empirical social science methods, both quantitative and qualitative, to studying important questions about innovation, creativity and other issues related to intellectual property law.

Center for National Security and Human Rights Law 

A forum in which scholars, practitioners, students, and the general public can grapple with the complex and evolving issues surrounding national security law, along with the manner in which society must balance the competing interests of security and freedom.

Center on Socio-Legal Approaches to Property 

Engages in scholarship, public education, advocacy and technical assistance around the question of how to defend the property rights of politically or economically vulnerable individuals or communities who have been unjustly dispossessed of their property.

Institute for Compliance in Financial Markets 

Promotes careers in financial compliance, prepares students for such careers, advances knowledge about the importance of compliance, and offers events for Chicago's compliance and legal community. 

Institute for Law and the Humanities 

Facilitates, supports and encourages symposiums, lectures, scholarship and faculty discussion on the relationship between law and other humanistic disciplines.

Institute for Law and the Workplace 

A national center for research, training, dialogue and reflection on the law that governs the workplace.

Institute for Science, Law and Technology 

A joint venture of the academic units of IIT designed to meet the growing need for science- and law-trained professionals capable of addressing the complex issues that arise in a global, technologically driven marketplace of ideas, product standards, and conflicts.

Institute on the Supreme Court of the United States 

Leverages the expertise of the Chicago-Kent community of scholars who study the U.S. Supreme Court and its jurisprudence to provide information, educational resources and scholarship on the nation's highest court.

Justice John Paul Stevens Jury Center 

A website that serves as a clearinghouse for information about the jury to academics, students, judges, lawyers and members of the press and public.

The Law Lab 

An interdisciplinary teaching and research center devoted to legal futurism. The Center examines the intersections of law and technology, mathematics, science and engineering.