Center for Access to Justice & Technology

IIT Chicago-Kent College of Law established the Center for Access to Justice & Technology (CAJT) to make justice more accessible to the public by promoting the use of the Internet in the teaching, practice, and public access to the law. The Center conducts research, builds software tools, teaches classes and supports faculty, staff and student projects on access to justice and technology. Currently, CAJT manages and promotes the Access to Justice (A2J) Author®, conducts a semester-long Justice and Technology Practicum exploring the use of technology in the legal field, and directs the Self-Help Web Center (SHWC). In addition to these activities and initiatives, CAJT also administers the Certificate in Public Interest Law.

Student involvement is important to the continued success of CAJT. There are many ways in which students can get involved with CAJT. For example, student volunteers at the SHWC facilitate self-represented litigant's searches for legal information. While volunteering, these students have the opportunity to gain real-world experience by working directly with litigants. Additionally, the Justice and Technology Practicum course focuses on educating students to use A2J Author®, creating A2J Guided Interviews®, and researching access to justice issues. Students are also encouraged to pursue positions within CAJT itself. Students working for CAJT conduct relevant research and assist the support of CAJT's unique position.

The Center for Access to Justice & Technology

Leveraging Law Students and Technology

Supporting Research

"Access to Justice: Meeting the Needs of Self-Represented Litigants"

Certificate in Public Interest Law

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