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Institute for Law and the Humanities

About the Institute

The Institute for Law and the Humanities was created to facilitate, support and encourage symposia, lectures, scholarship, and faculty discussion on the relationship between law and other humanistic disciplines. It provides opportunities for faculty and students to integrate humanities-based studies with the study of law and to explore the increasingly rich and diverse scholarship in areas such as legal philosophy, legal history, law and literature, and law and religion.

Supreme Court Review—2009 Term

Professor Christopher Schmidt (left) and Distinguished Professor Sheldon Nahmod Supreme Court Review 2009

On October 29, 2010 the Institute for Law and Humanities and the Chicago-Kent chapters of the American Constitution Society and the Federalist Society, presented a review of the Supreme Court's important decisions from its 2009 Term (through June, 2010). Professors Sheldon Nahmod and Christopher Schmidt of Chicago-Kent presented.

Professor Schmidt spoke first about U.S. v. Comstock (Necessary and Proper Clause); McDonald v. City of Chicago (Second Amendment and incorporation); and Citizens United v. FEC (corporate campaign expenditures and the First Amendment).

Professor Nahmod spoke about the following First Amendment free speech and religion cases: Holder v. Humanitarian Law Project (speech and material support for terrorists); U.S. v. Stevens (animal cruelty videos, the subject of a more extensive video presentation at the Chicago Bar Association; Christian Legal Society v. Martinez (college religious student group recognition and forum analysis); and Salazar v. Buono (cross as war memorial and its sale by government).

Watch the 2009 Supreme Court Review. (Requires RealPlayer. Available for free download at www.real.com/realplayer.)

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