Institute on the Supreme Court of the United States

The Institute on the Supreme Court of the United States (ISCOTUS) provides information, educational resources, and scholarship on the nation's highest court.

Chicago-Kent College of Law is home to a community of scholars who study the United States Supreme Court and its jurisprudence, with expertise ranging from intellectual property law to constitutional law to empirical scholarship. Many Chicago-Kent faculty also argue and brief cases on behalf of both parties and amici. ISCOTUS builds on this foundation and offers new opportunities, such as law review symposia, public lectures and continuing legal education, to showcase the significant intellectual contributions of Chicago-Kent's faculty. Through ISCOTUS, Chicago-Kent students will learn from appellate advocates with experience in the Court and from prominent jurists.

Founded in 2011, Chicago-Kent's ISCOTUS combines the law school's core strengths: cutting-edge legal scholarship and technological innovation. ISCOTUS has three main components:

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