The Justice John Paul Stevens Jury Center

The Justice John Paul Stevens Jury Center website serves as a clearinghouse for information about the jury to academics, students, judges, lawyers and members of the press and public. Whether you want to know about recent academic articles on the jury or ongoing jury trials, this is a resource to turn to for such information.

Currently, the Jury Center is organized into several sections. Foremost, there is a Selected Annotated Bibliography containing summaries of recent articles about the jury. Some of these articles have just been published and some are still in draft form, but they are available online. Each entry contains a summary so that you can tell if the article is of interest to you and a citation so that you can locate the complete article either in a journal or online.

Articles in the bibliography are grouped by categories, such as Jury Selection and Jury Behavior, so that you can locate articles on particular aspects of the jury. Currently, the bibliography contains more than 60 entries, but it is being updated continuously. Other sections of the website include Recent Law Review Symposia on the Jury and Other Jury Resources.

Jury boxThe Jury Center is still growing and new sections will be added, so you should visit the Jury Center often and certainly whenever you have a question about the jury. Upcoming sections will include Special Projects and New Developments on the Jury. The latter will cover current jury trials that are likely to be of interest to the press. If you have a section that you would like to see added as a resource, please let us know. Also, if you have an article that you would like to have included in the Selected Annotated Bibliography, please send us a copy of the article.

The Jury Center is housed at IIT Chicago-Kent College of Law and is directed by Professor Nancy S. Marder, who has written extensively about the jury. You can find a brief biography of Professor Marder as well as a profile online; you can read more about the Jury Center in a spring 2010 IIT Magazine online exclusive.

The Jury Center is assisted by law students at Chicago-Kent, including most recently Amanda Schackart, Class of 2010, who contributed enormously to the Selected Annotated Bibliography.

For further inquiries or suggestions, please contact Professor Marder at