Student Journal Services

Researching Your Note

Student note authors should make an appointment to meet with a research librarian as early in their research as possible. Chicago-Kent Law Review staff are assigned a librarian liaison early in the fall semester; staff who have not been assigned a liaison can visit the Reference Desk or the Reference Office any time to make an appointment, or contact a librarian by sending an email to Your librarian liaison will steer you toward library resources that will be useful for your research. Your liaison is available for follow-up meetings as needed.

Obtaining Materials for Cite-checking

The Library can assist editors of Chicago-Kent’s law reviews by obtaining sources needed for cite-checking. In most cases, consortial relationships allow the Library to obtain sources at no cost to the review. Editors may contact interlibrary loan staff by sending an email to to learn more about how the Library can help.

Guidance for Cite-checkers

Research librarians are available to assist cite-checkers with identifying sources, teasing apart citations, etc. Cite-checkers can stop by the service desk for assistance during Reference hours, or contact a librarian by sending an email to