Five International Intellectual Property Grads Have Papers Accepted for Publication

Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Five May 2019 graduates of Chicago-Kent College of Law’s LL.M. degree program in international intellectual property law have received offers from law journals to publish their papers.

The alumni originally wrote the articles as students in Chicago-Kent’s year-long Legal Writing Seminar for International Intellectual Property LL.M. The students were taught by Professor Edward Lee and IP Fellow Runhua Wang.

“Writing a research paper is difficult for everyone.  Writing it in a foreign language is even more daunting.  Yet our international students at Chicago-Kent are highly motivated.  They trust the process we set for them in the course.  They research, write, and revise all year.  It’s so wonderful to see all their hard work pay off,” said Lee, the director of the LL.M. program in international intellectual property law.

Since 2011, 13 additional students in the international intellectual property law program have published their papers.  Including the 2019 graduating class, 17 of the 18 students who received offers to publish their papers were non-native English speakers.

The most recent graduates to receive offers of publication are:

  • Natalia Curto for EU on Copyright in the Digital Single Market and ISP Liability: What's Next at International Level?, 11 Case Western Reserve Journal of Law, Technology & the Internet (forthcoming 2020).


  • Illija Ilijovski for Perfecting U.S. Patentable Subject Matter—Merging the European Approach and the American Principles, 19 Chicago-Kent Journal of Intellectual Property (forthcoming 2019).


  • Lia Shikhiashvili for The Same Problem, Different Outcome: Online Copyright Infringement and Intermediaries’ Liability Under the US and the EU Law, 24 University of San Francisco Intellectual Property and Technology Law Journal (forthcoming 2020).


  • Yaohong Zhang for A Comprehensive Artificial Infringement in Drug Regulatory Review of China, 24 University of San Francisco Intellectual Property and Technology Law Journal (forthcoming 2020).


  • Danning Zhu for How to Improve China’s Approach to Parallel Imports of Good Bearing Trademarks, 19 John Marshall Review of Intellectual Property Law (forthcoming 2020).