About the C-K Law Group

C-K Law Group of Chicago-Kent offers a wide range of long-standing programs in live-client clinical legal education that accommodate more than 150 students in the fall and spring semesters and more than 50 students in the summer semester. The live-client programs include in-house clinics and externship programs.

The in-house programs consist of:

Enhancing the Legal Profession and Law School Curriculum

Our two Externship programs include: the Judicial Externship Program and the Legal Externship Program. We also offer two additional experiential learning courses taught via the simulation method: Business Entity Formation and Business Entity Transactions.  Each simulation course is taught once each year and enrollment is limited to 15 students in each course.

All clinical and externship programs are open to second and third-year law students.   In the spring semester, 1L students may apply to take a legal clinic (but not an externship).   All clinical education courses are electives.  Students may take a maximum of sixteen clinical credit hours toward graduation.  All clinical courses are graded on a pass/low pass/fail basis and in all live-client clinical programs the students work on actual cases under the supervision of an attorney or judge.  Through their work, students are exposed to a broad spectrum of legal skills.

Additional externship programs in two certificate specialties are also offered by the law school.  The Labor/Employment Law Externship Program is offered through the Labor/Employment Law Certificate Program and the Environmental and Energy Law Externship Program is offered through the Environmental Law Certificate Program.

Further, in 1998 the law school introduced two new and experimental externship programs:  The Rule of Law Externship Program and the Tax, Corporate Tax, and Business Law Externship Program.

A Commitment to Public Service

The in-house clinical faculty, along with the students under their supervision, have worked on a number of significant cases including:

  • Representing a plaintiff class in a class action in the federal district court on behalf of women on Medicaid and nurse-midwives challenging the State of Illinois' refusal to pay for home births for Medicaid recipients;
  • Acting as an arbitrator in an automobile manufacturing case in which a major U.S. car manufacturer and a consumer were disputing over alleged defects in automobile design, materials, and workmanship;
  • Representing plaintiffs in actions under the Civil Rights Act for alleged police brutality;
  • Representing plaintiffs in several sexual harassment cases;
  • Representing a defendant in the federal habeas corpus phase of a death penalty case;
  • Representing a defendant in the first case in Cook County filed under the Sexually Violent Persons Commitment Act in which the defendant alleges that the Act violates the double jeopardy and ex post facto provisions of the United States Constitution and the due process clause of the Illinois Constitution;
  • Representing plaintiffs in several federal district court cases in which they allege that they were improperly fired because of their disabilities--in violation of the Americans With Disabilities Act;
  • Representing a young woman soon-to-be divorced from her much older more educated husband to have her declared an "innocent spouse" and therefore not liable for their joint income tax liability;
  • Representing individuals with diabetes pro bono who have experienced discrimination in various settings, including day cares, schools, correctional facilities and work.