Apply to be a TA

ASP Teaching Assistants are selected from among Chicago-Kent's top upper level students. TAs are available to all students for first-year doctrinal courses. (Legal Writing TAs are available through the Legal Writing Program.) TAs hold weekly office hours and review sessions that are open to all students.

If you are interested in working as an ASP TA, please approach any professors you are interested in working with and inform them of your interest. 

TA positions are available for the following courses:

Fall 2022

  • Contracts (Prof. Baker)
  • Contracts (Prof. Warner)
  • Contracts (Prof. Batlan)
  • Criminal Law (Prof. Krent)
  • Criminal Law (Judge Erickson - combined day/eve)
  • Criminal Law (Prof. Donelson)
  • Torts (Prof. Kim)
  • Torts (Prof. Smith-Drelich)
  • Torts (Prof. Heyman)
  • Torts (Prof. Lee - eve)
  • Constitutional Law (Prof. Schmidt)
  • Constitutional Law (Prof. Shapiro)
  • Constitutional Law (Prof. Rosen)
  • Evidence (Judge Erickson)
  • Evidence (Prof. Kling - eve)
  • Business Organizations (Prof. Henkel)
  • Civil Procedure (Prof. Nagel - eve)
  • Legislation (Dean Sowle - day)
  • Legislation (Dean Sowle - eve)

Please submit your online application by June 14, 2022.


TA Requirements and Responsibilities

TAs must have: (1) a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher and (2) earned a grade of B+ or higher in the class for which they will serve as a TA. Second, third, and fourth-year day and evening students are eligible to work as TAs. All students selected to serve as TAs are required to attend a mandatory training session. Responsibilities include attending class, teaching a weekly small group session, teaching two large-group sessions, and holding weekly office hours.

TA Compensation

Currently, TAs receive a stipend for the semester: 

  • a stipend of $1,520 for a 5 credit course for the semester
  • a stipend of $1,340 for a 4 credit course for the semester
  • a stipend of $1,260 for a 3 credit course for the semester
For fall and spring TAs, the total stipend amount will be paid in two equal installments each semester (one installment paid around mid-semester and one installment paid around the end of the semester).  For summer TAs, the total stipend amount will be paid in one installment by June 30th.

In addition, you may (but are not required to) register for either one or two credits. If you register for credit(s), you are responsible for the tuition payment for the credit(s).

Please contact Professor Dawn Young if have questions about working as an ASP TA.